Castor Oil Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health

castor oil plant

Castor Oil Benefits For Skin, oil is very beneficial for us, along with our skin, it also treats the diseases inside our body. Nowadays, as you know, there is a lot of hair problem, so that people go to the market very expensive. Buying and applying the product but it does not yield any result, …


Biography of Chandragupta Maurya

chandragupta maurya

Biography of Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta Maurya was one of the great kings of history, who ruled the whole of India as well as the surrounding countries with his hair and intellect. His reign was very long, he ruled for 24 years, this is one such Be the ruler who united all the empires of the …


Benefits of performing Yagya

Yagya Karne K Fayde

Everyone knows very well about Yagya. Performing Yagya means remembering God as well as purifying your house and the surrounding environment. Yagya is performed in many different ways at different places. Everyone has a different reason or purpose for doing it, but whatever the advantages and benefits of doing it are many, due to which …


Know the benefits of forgiving

maaf karne ke fayde

 benefits of forgiving one cares about anyone in the living conditions in which we are living these days. Everyone likes to be with each other for their own sake. Due to this way of living, it is very easy to find fault in someone or to harass someone, but it is very difficult to forgive …


Benefits of oil massage

Massage Benefits

Nowadays it has become a fashion or not to use oil. If you go out with oil in your hair, then most people will look at you in a very different way and some will even call you Champu or something. It sounds very strange to hear and see, that is why no one likes …


Advantages and disadvantages of tutoring children

pros cons of taking tuitions

Tuition has become more than a fashion in the society and environment we live in today. Some people charge tuition for necessity, but some people do it like fashion or hirs. They feel that if the child of their friend or neighbor studies tuition, then their child must also study. In this competition of yours, …


Banana Dosa | Healthy Banana Crepes

Healthy Banana Dosa Banana Crepes 4

Banana Dosa Start your little one’s morning on a sweet and healthy note with this Banana Dosa recipe. Made with wholesome ingredients, these are sort of like a banana muffin in dosa form. It’s a healthy recipe that’s like a complete meal and I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like it! I think all …