Methi Matar Malai Recipe – Methi Matar Malai Recipe

methi matar malai

Methi Matar Malai Recipe  you want to eat some delicious recipes in the winter season, then you can make Methi Matar Malai. No need to tell its taste, you yourself know the taste of the recipe which contains fenugreek, peas and cream. Not much ingredients are needed to make Methi matar malai and it does …


Chana Dal Halwa Recipe

sooji ka halwa

Chana Dal Halwa Recipe who are fond of eating halwa keep trying different types of halwa. Chana dal pudding is also amazing. Those who are fond of eating halwa must know this halwa very well. If you have ever eaten this halwa, then you must have known and liked its taste. Chana dal ka halwa …


Poha cutlets made in this way, children will be happy

poha cutlet

Poha cutlets made in this way  Cutlets This is the favorite snack of kids. If you are thinking of making some fried recipes for kids for breakfast, then you can quickly prepare Poha Cutlets and serve them to kids. This breakfast is not only tasty but it is also very easy to make. You can …


Lemon Pepper Fish Recipe – Swasthi’s Recipes

lemon pepper fish recipe

Lemon Pepper Fish is a simple Indian style side dish of pan fried fish, marinated with lemon juice and spiced with crushed pepper. This dish is simple to make but really big on flavors! After you make this lemon pepper fish, you are sure to say “No more bland fish”. Serve this as an appetizer …


Aval Laddu (Poha Ladoo) – Swasthi’s Recipes

poha laddu aval ladoo recipe

Aval Laddu also known as poha ladoo are festive sweet balls made with flattened rice, jaggery and ghee. These are nutritious, delicious & make a great guilt-free snack. Poha is flattened rice and a staple in Indian cuisine. It is used to make various sweet and savory dishes. Poha is known as Aval in Tamil …