Kadhi Recipe

kadhi Recipe in hindi

kadhi recipe – Kadhi is a popular dish of North India, which is made from gram flour and curd. The mixture is cooked until thickened, then served hot with rice. Kadhi can also be served with naan or chapati. This recipe is simple to make and can be customized to include your favorite vegetables. Table …


Best Macaroni Recipe- Macaroni Recipe – Indian Recipe in Hindi

macaroni recipe in hindi

Best Macaroni Recipe Macaroni recipe is a dish that involves macaroni noodles and a variety of ingredients that can be mixed together to create a unique flavour. The recipe may call for specific ingredients, such as cheese or meat, or it may allow flexibility in what the cook wants to add. In general, macaroni recipes …


BEST Plum Cake Recipe – Indian Plum Cake Recipe

plum cake recipe in hindi

plum cake recipe Plum cake recipes usually contain flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, eggs and plums. The ingredients are mixed in a specific order and then baked in a cake tin. The cake is usually served with icing sugar or cream or ice cream. Table of Contents / Table of Contents     plum cake …


Bhature Recipe

bhature recipe in hindi

bhature recipe Bhatura recipe is a traditional Indian dish made with all purpose flour, curd and baking powder. The dough is kneaded and then left to rise for a few hours. Then it is rolled and deep fried in oil. Bhatura is a popular dish in India and is often served with chickpeas or lentils. …


Best Rasgulla Recipe – Rasgulla Recipe – Indian Recipe

rasgulla recipe in hindi

rasgulla recipe Rasgulla is a type of Indian sweet made from curd cheese balls cooked in sugar syrup. The balls are usually around the size of a golf ball, and they are often dipped in rose water before serving. Rasgulla is believed to have originated in the state of Bengal, and is now popular across …